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Harrison Financial Services are pleased to recommend Solicitors to you from a wide range of firms.

Whether you’re looking to remortgage or purchase a new property, we are in daily contact with the solicitors so are able to liaise with them on your behalf, saving you both time and hassle!


On receipt of instructions your solicitor will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of instructions to the client and the introducer

  • Send a Terms of Business letter & Mortgage Questionnaire to client

  • Request ID

  • Request searches

  • Request Redemption Statement(s) from current lender

  • Request Title Deeds (If Leasehold - Request details of freeholder from client/introducer)

On Receipt of Mortgage Offer

  • Send Mortgage Documents (and Transfer Documents if applicable) to the client

  • Request any information/searches requested in the Mortgage Offer/Valuation Report    

  • Request up to date Redemption Statement(s) if necessary

  • Set completion date

  • Make sure all mortgage conditions are complied with

  • Report on the title to lender and request funds

  • Inform all parties of completion date

On completion

  • Receive funds from lender

  • Confirm redemption amount(s) with existing lenders

  • Finalise completion

  • Confirm figures with the client and/or the introducer

  • Release funds to all parties

  • Pay any balance due to the client

  • Pay any fees due to the introducer within 48 hours

HFS will work with your solicitor to aim to complete standard remortgages as soon as possible of receipt of the mortgage offer’. Please note that cases which are unregistered, leasehold, involve a matrimonial dispute or bankruptcy issues will require additional work and can take longer to complete. In such cases extra charges may be applicable.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Conveyancing Activities. 

‘The service we have received from H.F.S. has been professional, efficient, comprehensive and all delivered by an excellent and friendly team.’ 

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