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Debt Consolidation

Mr & Mrs H Clients approached me as were struggling with managing their outgoings especially their unsecured borrowings. We completed a review of their circumstances and arranged a remortgage onto a far cheaper rate than what they were paying as well as raising funds to pay off their expensive borrowings. We then were able to reduce the term of their mortgage so saving them a lot of interest as well as clearing all their borrowings and reducing their monthly outgoings by over £600 per month.

Buy To Let

Mr A approached me for advice on investing in buy to let property. After a through conversation explaining the pros and cons we arranged a remortgage of his current property to raise funds to help with a new buy to let purchase.

Impaired Credit 

Mr B & Miss S approached me looking to buy their first home from a family member. The clients did not have a perfect credit history but we arranged a very competitive deal from a high street lender who were happy to take a view of the clients circumstances and were also happy to use the discount off the value as the clients deposit to improve the rate being offered.

Jont Borrower Sole Proprietor

Mr & Mrs S approached me to see if they could help their daughter buy her first home. The area she lives and works was too expensive for her to buy on her own so with our industry experience were able to arrange a mortgage with a lender who took into account both her and her parents income to help with affordability but the ownership was just in the daughters name.

First time buyer Information 

First time buyer? You have come to the right place…we are helping new clients purchase their very first homes every week! When it comes to this very exciting milestone, we are the experts that will ensure we guide you through the complexity of today’s first-time buyer options ensuring you are fully informed every step of the way.


We provide bespoke mortgage and protection advise building strong relationships so that we are not only looking after your needs now but for the future of your mortgage and for years to come.


Should you be looking for a standard purchase, right to buy, shared ownership or help to buy we are experts in them all and can offer a comprehensive range of mortgages finding you the very best deals and have access to exclusive rates that are not always available on the high street. 


From our very first conversation right through to you walking into your new home we will be there supporting you achieve your dream!

Student Mortgage Information

Studying for your future is a big commitment and during this time your housing arrangements need to support your aspirations and give you the security of a safe relaxing environment in which you can study.


Instead of paying rent to a landlord, you, the student buys the house and will receive rent from your chosen housemates occupying the spare rooms to help cover mortgage payments. With deposits available from as little as 0% and support from your parents, you can buy a property near to your university and start your journey as a homeowner.

The mortgage conditions often come with no Early Repayment Charges on Buy for Uni mortgages. Meaning, if your university course ends before the term of the product, you won't be charged extra fees to either convert to a Standard Residential Mortgage or change it to a Buy to Let mortgage (if you meet the lending criteria) or sell the property and move on.



When the application is underwritten by the lenders, the expected rental income as well as the parental income is used for the affordability assessment, which means you can borrow more than a typical mortgage. The mortgage itself is on a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor basis, which allows you (the student) to add a parent to the application without including them on the property deeds.

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